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Clipper Model

A limited edition model of a Clipper in aluminium powder resin (pewter in appearance) has been specially commissioned by the Trident Car Club. The issue is limited to 99.

Clipper Model

The model is to 1/32nd scale.

5inches(127mm) long x 2.5inches(63mm) wide x 2inches(50mm) high

Price in the UK 27.50 including p&p

Europe 28.50 including p&p

Please email the club if you wish to order:

Email the club


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The Club is able to advise on spares and availability. The Club occasionally commissions the production of unavailable parts - please email your enquiries.

Now available, heated rear screens to fit Tridents, (caution some early Tridents are a little different) with modern larger heating element (terminals in same position as original's).

Contact Club for further information.

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